Taxing Consequences: House Republicans Target Tax-Exempt Hospital Bonds  David Johnson weighs in on tax reform.

Know Your Customers' "Jobs to be done"  Clayton Christensen and team provide a useful framework for connecting your services to customer needs

2016 Healthcare Design Showcase Scot serves as a juror for Healthcare Design's annual awards program

New Health Systems Call for New Building Types Scot's perspective in the AIA-AAH Healthcare Design blog.

The Patient-to-Consumer Revolution Insightful analysis on the transition to value-based care from Oliver Wyman.

2015 Healthcare Design Showcase Scot serves as a juror for Healthcare Design's annual awards program.

When healthcare is a 'lemon': Asymmetric information and market failure Another thought-provoking piece by David Johnson.  For more from David, subscribe to his newsletter at

Changes in Patient Satisfaction Related to Hospital Renovation: Experience with a New Clinical Building Reminding us that design is only one factor in determining outcomes and underscoring the difficulties in applying hard science to questions of healthcare building performance

The Two Big Pitfalls of Strategic Planning Steven Thompson of Brigham and Women's on the the need to keep your vision pragmatic

The 2014 Health Facility Innovation Forum Scot facilitates a conversation with Don Orndoff of Kaiser Permanente

How Americans View Healthcare Nice infographic with full study from Booz Allen available here

The Economist:  The Health Paradox Insightful analysis of how limiting health spending can also be bad for the US economy.  Scot Latimer quoted.

Latimer, Gutknecht, and Hardesty: Are We Supersizing Health Care?  (To request a full copy, 'Contact Us') A 20-year retrospective on the growth in size of health facilities, with opinion as to how much is justified and how much wasteful. 

David Johnson: Medicare's Misguided 10-Year Expenditure Forecast Dave's posts provide fresh perspective and point out the inconsistencies and/or bad math in many healthcare sound bites.

Ayers Saint Gross:  Comparing Campuses A simple idea, wonderfully executed.  ASG catalogs each of their clients on several key statistics and renders each campus at the same scale, permitting easy comparison.

Harvard Business Review: Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption Clayton Christiansen and team bring insight to the consulting industry's problems, explaining why assignments are so expensive and many fail to satisfy.