Scot Latimer is among the United States’ best-known and most sought-after healthcare strategists. His area of consulting emphasis is the deployment of resources to create health systems – hospital and physician networks – which deliver on the promise of population health in terms of access, efficiency, and financial performance. He is best known for his work with large, integrated organizations including academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, and major health systems – in North America and around the globe. 

Scot has led major consulting practices at Kurt Salmon Associates and Jones Lang LaSalle, and formed Latimer Health Strategies in 2014 in the belief that the future environment will require greater access to senior expertise and tolerate less of the overhead and inefficiency inherent in large firm consulting. This model permits him to work directly with health systems on matters of importance and, when called-for, to form networks with other experts – offering greater agility and advantage to client organizations. Scot has conducted peer-reviewed research in the area of health facility planning, has spoken on a range of planning topics in dozens of venues, and has been quoted in major media including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and National Public Radio. 

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